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Curriculum Vitae

Name:      Dr. med. Martin Jansen
Place of Birth:   Hagen a.T.W.
Denomination:   Roman Catholic
Marital Status:   married, 2 children (born 1996 and 2000)
Wife:   Dr. med. Ilona Noe, Doctor of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Parents: Heinrich Jansen, General Practitioner, deceased 2003
Elisabeth Jansen, née Kock
1986 - 1987   Practical Year (sixth year of studies) in the Diakoniekrankenhaus (hospital), Schwäbisch Hall
1981 - 1987   Human Medicine at the University of Heidelberg
1980 - 1981   Industrial Engineering at the Universiy of Karlsruhe
1969 - 1978   High School (with boarding school)
    Kolleg St. Thomas, Vechta i.O.
1966 - 1969   Primary School
St.Martinus Grundschule, Hagen a.T.W.
Military Service
1981 - 1993   Officer in the Medical Corps
1978 - 1980   Field Hospital in Osnabrück, SanAk Bw München (Medical Corps Academy, Munich)
Medical Qualifications and Experience
2010   Diploma in Aesthetic Laser Medicine, University Greifswald, Germany
2009   Degree “Quality management in ambulant medical care” QEP
2009   Certification of the DDA in „quality assured ambulant balneo light therapy”
2006   additional qualification in andrology
since 2006   co-moderator of the "quality assurance group in environmental medicine Rhein-Neckar"
2004   qualification in medical-dermatological cosmetics
2004   qualification in dermatological lasertherapy
since 2004   moderator of the "quality assurance group in dermatology Heidelberg"
since 1998   own practice for dermatological and venereal diseases in Heidelberg
1998   additional qualification in environmental medicine
1998   qualification in sonography of penile and scrotal vessels
1998   expert knowledge: authorised person for protection in lasertreatment
1997   qualification in dermatology and venereal medicine with additional qualification in allergology
1993 - 1998   postgraduate training at the Universitäts-Hautklinik (university dermatological clinic), Heidelberg
1993   qualification in radiation protection
1992 - 1993   postgraduate training in allergology in the Bundeswehrkrankenhaus (army hospital), Giessen
1991   qualification in emergency medical aid
1989 - 1996   further training in psychotherapy
1989   doctorate at the Institute of Pathochemistry and General
    Neurochemistry (University of Heidelberg)
1988 - 1992   Medical Officer at the NATO regional headquarters Heidelberg,
    1990 Silbernes Ehrenzeichen (silver medal of honor) of the German Armed Forces
    1991 US army Desert Storm Certificate of Honor
1987 - 1988   Bundeswehrkrankenhaus (army hospital) Wildbad, departments of anaesthetics, internal medicine, orthopaedics
Membership in Medical Society
2006   German Society of Laser Dermatology
2000   German Society of Andrology
1999   Professional association of German Dermatologist
1999   Medical Association of German Allergologists
1997   German Society of Dermatology